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"FYI, I got my score back and it was 515, and this is after being out of school for nearly 5 years so your program definitely works and is on point. I'd reccomend it to anybody."

-- Nicholas Cone

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This CNBA Review is ONLY available for those taking the upcoming NBCE Part 4 Examination. Your PROGRAM, USERNAME and PASSWORD will expire once the upcoming NBCE Part IV examination has been administered. If you will NOT be taking the upcoming examination please do not purchase the review yet. If you DO NOT pass, we will re-activate your account for FREE (One Time Only) once you register for your next Part IV Examination with NBCE. We will need proof of failure (your NBCE scores) from the previous Part IV examination to re-activate your account. Good Luck!

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"I had unfortunately failed the Part 4 examination prior to taking the CNBA review. I was able to witness first hand how the test was given and what is essential to know to pass the exam. The CNBA review extensively covers what should be practiced to perform well on the exam. This review fully prepares the student for what will be asked as well as leaves NO room for error. CNBA makes sure that nothing goes left unsaid or undone in order to get the full amount of points at each station. The CNBA review, in my opinion, prepares students for EXACTLY what to expect while taking the exam. The scenarios and strategies described in the review are very similar if not exact to what I have witnessed while taking the Part 4 exam. The review provides much clarity, and as I have said leaves little to no room for error. I have taken other reviews, however with CNBA it is far more precise and and focuses on the specifics."

~ Michael Pavan, D.C.



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~ Arash Pershen, D.C.






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