A: The Part IV is unlike any other national board examination. Students that have taken the examination without a review in the past have stated that they were confused, unsure, and felt that a review would have significantly helped them. It is essential that whoever is going to take the Part IV examination knows how the examination is administered, what is expected of them, and what does a "simulated" patient mean. You will also need to know about the the format of the examination and how the questions are presented, and major errors that should be avoided during the examination (these are all explained in the CNBA review). The review offered by CNBA also contains strategic concepts and ideas, which are necessary for all candidates. These ideas, strategic concepts, and explanations are necessary to perform well on the examination. In other words, think of it as a new game that you will be playing and the rules of the game are written in the review.

A: Absolutely. We highly recommend that you do NOT miss out on the CNBA Review simply because it contains a lot of content and information not found in other review courses. In addition, it is also more affordable compared to other reviews and is designed so that you can study at your own pace. The web-based review offered by CNBA is paperless and with just a click of the mouse, you can navigate from page to page and section to section. This is a MUST HAVE Review if you want to have an Edge over everybody else and pass the Part 4 Examination the first time!

A: The CNBA review is the most detailed, effective, self-paced and MOST AFFORDABLE review system compared to all the other Part IV review courses offered. Also, with other review courses, you must attend tiring lectures and classes to fully understand and obtain necessary information. All of this information is provided for you in the CNBA review, and you can study at your own convenience and at your own pace. Students who have taken the CNBA review have acknowledged that they were confident and prepared exceptionally well for the examination. The CNBA review also contains images and detailed descriptions of all the technique set-ups (with videos), rollover orthopedic images, over 150 practice X-ray test, 40 in-depth Clinical Practice Cases and important strategic concepts not found in other review courses.

Here's a breakdown of the main differences:

  1. Good news. The CNBA review is more affordable compared to other part IV reviews. It should also be noted that some reviews are not offered in certain states, which forces certain students to fly to these reviews, spending more money on plane tickets, and hotels. With the CNBA review, you will not need to attend tedious and tiring lectures.

  2. You will have the opportunity to study at your convenience, at your own pace, and at a much earlier time. Most importantly, the review is paperless, which means with a click of the mouse you will be able to quickly navigate from section to section or find topics in the review with ease.

  3. The CNBA review covers strategic concepts and important information regarding the NBCE Part IV Examination not taught in chiropractic schools. It is important for every student to know this information prior to taking the examination.

  4. This review is also excellent for those who can not attend a review course due to work or other reasons. It is also excellent for those who have taken other review courses and yet seem to be unsure, confused, or feel that they are not fully prepared.

  5. The CNBA review contains tons of images, videos, strategic concepts, as well as multiple Practice X-ray and Clinical Cases commonly asked during the NBCE examination. We have also included rollover images for the orthopedic examinations, which show the action of the examination as you scroll your mouse pointer over the image along with detailed explanations.

  6. The manner in which the CNBA review is structured and presented helps the learning process significantly.

A: NO. We feel that the CNBA review justly prepares the student for the examination. We do not guarantee that you will pass the Part IV examination by taking our review; however, those who have used this review speak very highly of it and have indicated that the review significantly helped them prepare for the examination. Please see testimonials section of the website.

A: The CNBA review covers the part IV examination from all angles and gives you a total understanding of the examination. It discusses important and common facts, cases, and scenarios that may be presented by NBCE. It guides you through the examination and helps you develop an understanding of how the examination is presented and what is expected of you during the examination. Sample cases, strategic concepts, detailed notes, videos, images, narrations, Over 150 practice X-ray tests as well as 40 in-depth Practice Clinical Cases are included in the review to help you fully prepare for the examination.

The CNBA review contains the following sections


Introduction -- The Introduction section of the CNBA review describes the Part IV examination in detail and explains how the examination is administered. It takes you through the examination step by step and explains the process and the format of the examination. It also contains notes that discuss what is expected of you during the examination and likely scenarios that will be presented. It contains samples of how the questions will be addressed and how the cases will be presented. The Introduction section is very helpful and will allow you to understand exactly how the Part IV examination is administered and what is expected of you.

Case History -- The Case History section contains detailed notes and important information regarding your role during the history taking portion. It contains detailed notes and includes important questions that should be addressed during the history taking section. It is very important that you are familiar with these questions during the examination.

Physical Examination -- This section covers the most important and necessary examinations/tests that are commonly addressed during the Part IV examination. It covers specific areas that are important and also discusses certain areas or examinations that are less important and less likely to be asked by NBCE (this process is fully explained in the review). Strategic concepts and sample cases are presented so that you may develop a better understanding of how the Physical Examination section is presented and how you should approach the patient in this particular station.

Orthopedic -- The Orthopedic review section contains detailed notes, and rollover images, which show how each examination is performed as you scroll your mouse pointer over each image. It also describes how each examination should be performed and discusses the positive signs and clinical findings for each orthopedic examination. The Orthopedic section of the CNBA review contains more than 120 Orthopedic examinations commonly asked on the Part IV Examination.

Neurology -- The Neurology section is detailed, organized, and covers the most important neurological examinations and topics that you will likely be tested on. This section is very helpful, and again contains strategic concepts to help you understand what is expected of you during the examination.

Clinical Laboratory -- The Clinical Laboratory section consists of notes and samples of how this section may be incorporated along with the Part IV Examination. This section covers majority of the important blood chemistries that you are required to know.

Technique -- The Technique section contains detailed notes, images, videos, and explanations for each "set-up". It should be noted that you will be asked to perform "set-ups" that are not usually taught in your chiropractic schools and must be performed by NBCE's standards. These set-ups are unique and are explained in the CNBA review.

Diagnostic Imaging -- The Diagnostic Imaging review contains general review notes on the most common conditions presented during the NBCE part IV Examination as well as multiple practice tests/examinations for you to test your knowledge.

CNBA Review X-Ray Testing Section

This is the main feature and the highlight of the Diagnostic Imaging review. This section allows you take multiple practice exams/tests with digital x-ray images to help you prepare for the actual examination. The style of the questions and the types of cases presented are highly similar to the actual NBCE Part 4 X-ray Examination, and we are certain that these practice tests will give you the knowledge and the confidence you need to do well on the main examination!

The Diagnostic Imaging Review is also offered separately (Please see under products for more information).

Practice Cases -- The Practice Cases Section of the CNBA Review is one of the most important sections. This section will give you an opportunity to take multiple practice exams/tests of conditions that have appeared and are likely to appear again on the actual NBCE Examination. Please note that this review does NOT guarantee that the same/identical types of radiographic images or identical types of questions will appear on the Part 4 Examination. It is important to understand that NBCE can generate so many different cases/scenarios/questions for a given condition or pathology and thus make it challenging for the student. Therefore, we highly advise that you do NOT memorize the cases presented in this review but rather take the time to study each of the conditions and their clinical presentations in detail.

A: NO. The CNBA review is copyrighted and it is illegal to share, duplicate, copy, or distribute the review in any form. The main objective of the CNBA review is to help you pass the Part IV examination.   When you purchase the CNBA review, you will receive the CNBA Review software link via e-mail, along with the username and password. You will NOT be allowed to share the password with other people. The login times, pages that you have accessed and IP addresses will be monitored for each user, and anyone found logging in from multiple IP addresses will have their account deactivated.

The login username and password for the review will be active until the end of each Part IV examination. After you take the examination, your account will expire. Therefore, it is recommended that you register early so that you may have plenty of time to study for the examination.

Please purchase the review for personal use only and pass on the good word about this amazing review. Those who are found to violate our copyright agreement will be subject to a copyright infringement lawsuit. We have worked very hard to put together this amazing review to help you pass the Part IV examination, and we'd appreciate that you pass on the good word about the CNBA review.

A: The CNBA review contains the most recent and up to date information required to pass the Part IV examination. The review begins with the Introduction section, which explains the entire Part IV examination in detail. It explains how the examination is administered, the types of stations that you will encounter, the format of the questions presented during the examination, and important ideas and concepts that are crucial and should be known prior to taking the examination.

For each section, CNBA has also provided detailed notes, narrations, questions, charts, tables, images, practice X-ray test, and Practice Clinical Cases to help you better understand each subject or topic. The narrations in the review will allow you to understand the logic behind the NBCE Part IV Examination. We also present a few sample cases and describe important ideas and concepts that you must consider during these cases. Most importantly, we explain what a simulated patient is, and how limited these patients will be in terms of simulating certain conditions. The chiropractic technique section is specific and flat out incredible. It contains detailed descriptions of each set-up and includes images as well as videos to help you fully understand how each set-up should be performed. The orthopedic section contains rollover images, detailed descriptions, and positive clinical findings for each orthopedic Test. The Diagnostic Imaging Section and the Practice Cases sections are the main features of the CNBA REVIEW. These sections allow you to take multiple important examinations, which cover conditions and pathologies commonly presented during the NBCE Examination. The topics, sections, and the examinations/tests presented in the CNBA review are all made up of links, which will allow you to easily and readily navigate from section to section by simply clicking on the desired link(s). The overall content, images, videos, practice cases and the manner in which the information and the study material is presented makes the CNBA review extremely effective. With the CNBA review, we are certain and confident that you will pass the NBCE Part IV Examination the First time!



    "These guys provide a quality product. I graduated in 1996 and practiced for a number of years prior to pursuing a career in education. An opportunity passed into my life requiring retrieving my license. Without CNBA Review, I'm certain I wouldn't have passed! Thanks so much!"

    Shannon McPherson, DC