There will be FIVE Case History stations during the part IV examination. The Case History stations constitute a major part of your total score, and CNBA recommends that you spend quality time mastering this section and learning how to take a detailed and thorough “History” by asking the right types of questions, which are included in the CNBA review.

Your responsibility in the Case History pre-stations will be to take a complete history of the patient. You will not be allowed to touch the patient or perform any examinations on the patient. Your job in this section will be to take a thorough 5 minute history and based on the patient's history, you will then be required to answer questions in the post-station(s).

The CNBA Case History section contains detailed notes and important information regarding the history taking portion of the examination. It includes a series of important questions that should be addressed during the history taking section. It is very important that you are familiar with these questions during the examination. Remember, you must ask the right kinds of questions to obtain the right kind of information and response from the patients. These questions are included in the CNBA review along with detailed notes, charts and strategic concepts required to do well in the History taking portion of the examination. Below you will find examples of how the Case History notes are presented in the actual CNBA review. (These are just parts and samples of the original review).

Example 1 case history sample1

Here's a sample of the types of questions that you will need to ask during the examination. This is just one example. There are many more of these questions in the CNBA review for each structure or system of the body.

Example 2 case history sample 2

More questions and MNEMONICS

Example 3 case history sample 4

The CNBA Case History review also has a section which includes symptoms and possible problems associated with such symptoms as shown above. As you can see, these are samples of how the entire CNBA review is structured. You will find tons of important information in each of the sections of the actual review.